From K-B and Friends

It’s Father’s Day, and I’m thinking of mine

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

I did not know him, this man who rolled up his sleeves but left his tie in place to putter in the yard after work. The weekend warrior who spoke not a word of the broken bodies he flew home from Viet Nam. The same man who taught me to ride a bicycle, to catch and cradle a lacrosse ball without flinching, to search for answers not his own …

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Rae Rose Cancels an Appointment

By Rae Rose

I am as inconsistent as my sleep. For people with bipolar disorder, sleep is often an ongoing battle, a ludicrous arrangement, a total crapshoot, and sometimes, ridiculous.

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Social and structural barriers to progress for young women in Generation X and the Millennial generation have contributed to women’s persistently high poverty rates, a declining share of women in high-wage/high-tech jobs, a dramatic rise in women’s incarceration rates, and increases in maternal mortality and women’s suicide.

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