From K-B and Friends

Anyone Who Had A Heart, Part 1

By Dan McClenaghan

I bought a baboon’s heart  from a lab in Amsterdam, on Amazon. Two days later a guy pulled a white van to the curb and ran my purchase up to our front door.

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Oh Brother

By Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel

Let him talk, Lottie always says. Talk is cheap as long as he’s got breath, and so far, Deke has got plenty of that. He’s my own full brother. I reckon he’s a lot like me, but his imagination runs high.

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It’s Father’s Day, and I’m thinking of mine

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

I did not know him, this man who rolled up his sleeves but left his tie in place to putter in the yard after work. The weekend warrior who spoke not a word of the broken bodies he flew home from Viet Nam. The same man who taught me to ride a bicycle, to catch and cradle a lacrosse ball without flinching, to search for answers not his own …

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Care for a young woman? Read this report: Losing Ground

Social and structural barriers to progress for young women in Generation X and the Millennial generation have contributed to women’s persistently high poverty rates, a declining share of women in high-wage/high-tech jobs, a dramatic rise in women’s incarceration rates, and increases in maternal mortality and women’s suicide.

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