Declaration of Defendence

By Conney D. Williams

I save my tears for weddings and presidential elections
while America the beneficent thrusts anthems up our spleens
the pasty ballot of deprecation without representation
please GOD, bless Ol’ Glory with sufficient stars and stripes
to vandalize my person until even bowels lose their allegiance

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Driving Distraction

By Sharon Thompson

This is the third time today
I’ve shamelessly made a wrong turn
past the same construction site.

once again at the traffic light,
one shoulder
rounds forward, nearly to dashboard,
single finger on radio button.
Shoulder again; shrug.
Nothing important here,
nothing more than a wrong turn.
Casual serendipity. Lashes flutter.

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for my mother

By Penny Perry

Inside the Rialto movie theater
the little usher, in her maroon uniform
lights the aisle for a man carrying popcorn
and dripping water from the brim of his hat.
After the feature in English, Black Friday,
a German newsreel.

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Readings from the San Diego Poetry Annual 2015-2016

Readings from the 2015-20916 collections

The San Diego Poetry Annual, published by Garden Oak Press, contains the work of poets from throughout the San Diego County region and beyond. The Annual includes two volumes: one bilingual Spanish-English volume, and one of poetry in English. The new edition includes an eclectic group of poets, including our first Latino U.S. Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, who was raised in Escondido.

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