Writing and Editing, by K-B

Here’s a smattering of the wildly divergent types of things I’ve written and edited for others.

I’m currently co-editing an anthology of writings on women’s health, My Body, My Health: Women’s Stories, with Jodie Lawston, PhD. If Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment annoyed the bejunior out of you, then you’ll want to read this collection of short fiction, poetry and essays by diverse women who give unfettered voice to their health experiences—good and bad, ugly and beautiful, intimate and public, caregiving and receiving—from birth to death and beyond.

From January 2011 until I departed Cal State San Marcos in 2012, I had the distinct displeasure of investigating and reporting on the dark deeds of the owner of the hate tabloid, The Koala, and his miscreant minions—the predominantly white, heterosexual male students who fronted for him. You can read more about it here, but beware, it’s ugly.

I compiled and edited a report by M2 Technologies, for the Joint Non-lethal Weapons Directorate, analyzing the effectiveness of non-lethal weapons employed in hypothetical scenarios involving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). I can’t refer you to the report or someone would have to kill you. … Just kidding—about the killing thing, not about the report, which was, of course, completely devoid of humor.

As VP of marketing and communications for FFF Enterprises for four years, I managed to avoid doing bodily harm to the WMEs (white male executives), while I oversaw the creation of, wrote content for, and edited the healthcare corporation’s advertising, PR and media, and other corporate communications; websites; consumer, business partner and customer print and e-marketing collateral; reports and presentations; and RFP responses. I am also the founding editor of, and contributed to, FFF’s award-winning consumer healthcare magazine, IG Living.

I had the joy of being paid for my opinion for three years as the Sunday political columnist for San Diego North County Times. I also served on the editorial board, developed editorial topics, wrote editorials, and edited syndicated and local columns and letters to the editor. If you’re interested in the characters who make up this fascinating country—and the status of their English fluency—take a look at unedited letters to the editor! … Of late, I write occasional book reviews for the paper.

In stark contrast to my own politics, I ghostwrote sections of, and edited, One of the Presidents’ Men (Brassey Press, 1995), the autobiography of Maurice H. Stans, secretary of commerce for the Eisenhower and Nixon administrations and treasurer of Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President (yes, CREEP). This was a literary adventure, a wonderful education in old school politics and statesmen, and well worth sharing over a beer sometime … or perhaps a nicely aged malt whiskey.

For the City of Pasadena, California, I scripted and produced video and multimedia presentations including documentaries, official city communications, educational programming and community outreach videos to increase awareness of, and promote, the city’s vision, programs and projects. Sounds a bit bureaucratic, but it was damn fun, and Pasadena is a fabulous city!

Enough already. Feel free to give me a buzz to talk about writing or writerly navel contemplation, at 760-522-1064. Or send me an email at kbgressitt@gmail.com.


First Place Columnist, California Newspaper Publishers Association
Pulitzer Prize submission for Commentary
First Place, Society of Professional Journalists San Diego for column writing in large daily newspapers
First Place Columnist, San Diego Press Club Journalism Awards
First Place, GLAAD San Diego for editorial writing
Second Place Columnist, Greater Los Angeles Press Club
Second Place Columnist, National Conference San Diego
Second Place, Chiron Review Annual Poetry Contest
ACE Award for Local Cable Programming
Waveform Award for Excellence in Cable Programming
Finalist Documentary, Hometown USA Video Festival
Third Place, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors
Bronze Award, National Health Information Awards, magazine category
Ad-Q Outstanding Advertising Award
Two Bronze Addy Awards for Online Publications