Russian Trolls Duped Folks from Trump to Twitter CEO

Russian trolls


What do President Donald Trump, CNN anchor Jake Tapper, The Washington Post, Breitbart and Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter, all have in common?

They and nearly 40 celebrities and politicians were all roped into retweeting or otherwise engaging with accounts created by a Russian “troll factory” to millions of followers, according to a new exclusive analysis.

Over 3,000 global news outlets also inadvertently published articles containing embedded tweets by the confirmed Kremlin-linked troll accounts in over 11,000 news articles in the run-up to the 2016 election, separate exclusive reporting shows.

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee publicly released for the first time the list of over 2,700 handles provided by Twitter that the social media platform linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian intelligence agency-linked firm based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Read the full NBC News article here.

Review the troll factory-produced Twitter handle list here.

And check all those re-tweets that seemed so validating of your positions. That’s what I’m going to do right now.


Photo credit: Tristan Schmurr via a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Sharon Lynne Thompson says:

    Love the graphic, Tristan Schmurr-not too sure I feel sorry for Trump and the media for being ‘duped.’ …or is they were! (Like the Trump ellipse? Only used the standard three dots, however.) I firmly believe Russian was up to shenanigans, sure, but I don’t feel much like letting anyone off the hook. If whoever was fooled and ‘passed it on’ through the internet-shame on them for being gossips who don’t bother to track down sources. If it’s our President–more than shame on you–fire you.