The Alchemy of Moonlight


By Scott Gressitt

for Tom Petty


I wheel, yet again, around the lake
the blue water behind me
the black water below me
the golden hills up to the left

roof down, windows down
expectations down
the glowing orb performed
her daily retirement nicely again for me today,
just for me

when time allows, I drift west at day’s end
and watch her sink into the blue
winking sunrise to my cousins in the East
and nightfall to me and my children

the moon draws me to the lake every month
to bathe in liquid silver,
to drink in the cool katabatic flow
sucking sage, and dirt and foxtails down
to my waiting olfactory factory

my path to the east each month,
lunar, shiny, and curvaceous,
pulls at my heart,
at my very soul

tonight I wipe back tears,
not of the wind

but of the suddenly quieted voice
that not a fortnight ago
sang in these very valleys
singing his last …
singing his last

each day his poetry has calmed me
held me, corrected me,
as I put my hand to wood
my sons, annoyed at the constant repetition,
barely tolerating his Florida drawl
a rebel without a clue …

and he held so many clues for me

yeah, I’m free,
free falling
now I’m free
free falling

now you’re free,
brother poet



About Scott Gressitt

ScottGressittMugAn amateur writer and rapscallion, I write of my past, a life laden with extraordinary events.

I have walked in places most of the population avoid.

Besides scars and bruises, I’ve collected experiences that frighten, delight and entertain.

I write with the intent to take you on a wild ride where all your senses are fully engaged. Enjoy.


Photo credit: Hua Photography via a Creative Commons license.

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