From NYTimes: Feminism and the Future of Philosophy

This is pretty darn interesting: Sexism and misogyny are pervasive—even in the realm of deep thinkers. Too bad, though, the author relegated “minorities” to a parenthetical.


Feminism and philosophy


“There is a deep well of rage inside of me. Rage about how I as an individual have been treated in philosophy; rage about how others I know have been treated; and rage about the conditions that I’m sure affect many women and minorities in philosophy, and have caused many others to leave.” Those words, written a decade ago by Sally Haslanger, a distinguished professor of philosophy at M.I.T., well express the moral energy behind the feminist ferment currently shaking American philosophy.

This ferment has overturned the male dominance of our primary professional organization, the American Philosophical Association, with women (who make up about one-fourth of the members) holding over half of the seats on its governing board. This change correlates with the recent vigorous efforts of the A.P.A. to increase the proportion of women (and minorities) in philosophy and to root out all forms of bias and discrimination. …

Read the article here.


The Thinker by Spencer Sculpture.


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  1. Esther Essinger says:

    Thanks for sharing this article, which I found fascinating, due to the many discussions among feminists through the decades of the ways in which modes of consciousness traditionally associated with the Female have been, in male-centric, male-dominated patriarchal disciplines, negated as inferior. Time and again, feminists have explored iterations on this theme (Riane Eisler’s work springs to mind, especially “The Real Wealth of Nations.”) How pertinent this discussion is right now as societies seem to be flinging themselves headlong into various evasions of the human capacity to care.