In Response to Trump et al’s First 100 Days, 2 of 2

From Writers Resist: the second of two special issues on the first 100 days


First 100 Days: Recipe for Disaster

By Kelsey Maki

first 100 daysIn a mixing bowl, combine three cups of intolerance with two cups of ignorance. Add one cup of charged rhetoric and two tablespoons of alternative facts. Stir until smooth. Pour into a bulletproof, non-stick pan. Topping: In a separate bowl, combine one cup of self-satisfied sugar (GMO) and three cups of …

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First 100 Days: Two Trump Heads Are Better Than One?

By Marleen S. Barr  

first 100 daysProfessor Sondra Lear, a feminist science fiction scholar who teaches at the Metropolitan University of New York, could not ignore the persistent pain in her molar. Thus it came to pass that she found herself sitting in an oral surgeon’s chair about to have her tooth extracted. “Do you want …

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First 100 Days: We the People Who March

By Yun Wei

first 100 daysWe walk because that is all to be done all our bodies can do when so much has been done to us. We walk because it’s not done: the work of hands pressed against stone and monuments, the work that hands must do when there are no more parts to assemble, just …

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First 100 Days: Protest Poem in Two Acts

By Zigi Lowenberg  


first 100 dayssaturday, january 21, 2017

she’s got the whole world… holding Mom’s hand, their fists raised in West Palm breeze while her stepdaughter and grandsons march in Hawai’i her cousins throng Fifth Avenue as her Oakland tribe rings Lake Merritt. only later she learns, another big lie floats, his number bloats …

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