Not My President: The Anthology of Dissent


from Thoughtcrime Press

Not My President

Selected from thousands of pages of submissions from around the world, Not My President is a snapshot of this important moment in history, a 300-page collection of voices from high school students to famous authors, poets, artists, songwriters, essayists and storytellers.

Immigrants submitted work under pen names for fear of being deported.

Contributors commented on every aspect of the Presidential Election and our current political climate, from healthcare to immigration, xenophobia, racism, violence, DT himself, and the pervasive sense of dread that keeps people glued to the 24/7 news networks, wondering what’s next, shocked by how fascism can spread in a free republic.

This book is a voice of the unrepresented majority, who voted against hate. This book is an outpouring of passion and thought against the ruling party, and a catalyst for persistent and increasing resistance. It will be an important part of the conversation for the next three-and-a-half years, and a notable historical document for the future.

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Not My President

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