In Response to Trump et al’s First 100 Days, 1 of 2

first 100 days


Editor’s note: For the curious, this is a sampling—a little poetry, a little prose, some humor—of the other work I do, co-editing Writers Resist, an online journal born of the November 2016 un-presidential election. You can read more about Writers Resist here.




By Jennifer Hernandez

Border fence divides barbs catch rip prevent free range prevent migration of wildlife of many lives gaps allow glimpses of el otro lado amber waves blue blue skies gauzy clouds floating elusive storms brew on the horizon   Jennifer Hernandez lives in Minnesota, where she works with immigrant youth and writes poetry …

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By Tarra Stevenson

Living in a white fog of patriarchy/phallocentrism/misogyny Today a class of teenage girls radiant discussed the power of Marie Curie her sacrifice to birth knowledge even in the face of her own death. A radio- active superwoman. Today a vice-president eliminated possibility potential denying their rights denying her fights and the teenage …

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By Candy Schulman

Editor’s note: Trump’s inauguration initiated a series of public demonstrations that have continued throughout his first 100 days—including, challenging his refusal to release his taxes, in support of science and the environment, in defiance of his bigoted attempts to limit immigration and, as this essay reminds us, to make clear the power of women …

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First 100 Days: Wiretap Tweets—Defined

By Charles W. Brice  

Terrible (tĕr′ə-bəl): n. A salutation. Syn.: dear, my dear, hi, hello Just (jŭst): n. & v. A statement of absolute truth. Ex: Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped.” Found Out (found out): tr.v. To receive an incontrovertible revelation of indisputable fact from a minor entertainment personage on …


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