Fertility Prayer

A pantoum by Tom Somers

Inanna, goddess of love and war, sings to Enki, god of water and wisdom, Mesopotamia circa BC 3000.




Full of loveliness, like the new moon
My fertile crescent is flecked with new growth a
Hillock of land rising by levees well-watered, Untilled
plot left fallow like the desert.

My fertile crescent swells and luxuriates
Joyfully expecting the Lord of my heart. My
untilled plot fallow like the desert
Welcomes the onrushing shameless monsoon.

Joyfully expecting the King of my heart Who
will wield his sword in my furrow
I welcome the onrushing shameless monsoon
Bursting forth in my pleasurable garden.

Wield your sword in my furrow, oh Lord, Pierce
my hillock of land and bring forth Shoots and
buds in my pleasurable garden Full of
loveliness, like the new moon!


About Tom Somers

In 2001, Tom Somers moved his family to Fallbrook, where they enjoy the friendly, rural character of the community. Originally from Torrance, Tom spent twenty-five years working in the field of international trade and business development in Eastern Europe and Russia, while living for various periods in New York, Vienna and Moscow. Tom’s poetry has been published multiple times in the San Diego County Poetry Annual

On the pantoum form.

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