Coyotes Howl in Fallbrook

A Bit of Doggerel by Sharon Radt and Pat Gressitt

The Spider and the Fly

By Sharon Radt

A spider spins its web
in a corner of the shed
He spins it round and round
cautiously, without a sound
Isn’t that sly to catch a fly?

I Once Hooked Sailors

By Pat Gressitt

I once hooked sailors with my cane
When I was young and kind of vain
But now that age impairs my gait
I need my cane to ambulate

♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦

Pat Gressitt is a retired school social worker, a lover of words and bawdy verse, and a Mother of Pearl.

Note: The illustration is by Arthur Rackham for The Spider and the Fly,  from Aesops Fables, published by Heinemann, 1912.

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