We’ve added a new page to the blog, “Fallbrookisms,” a handy place to capture those gems from the streets of Fallbrook — or maybe any town. So, if you’ve heard an entertaining — or perhaps horrifying — quip lately, down at the yogurt shop or Main Street Gas or Café des Artistes or Major Market, anywhere, please share! Email it to kbgressitt@aol.com and let me know if you’d like credit for the capture.

Here’s a sample:

31 December 2008


Witnessed at Major Market:

Woman sitting at one end of a bench, young girl having a rather enthusiastic tantrum on the other end, her mother standing next to her, and the mother yells between the daughter’s shrieks, “And the old lady doesn’t like your attitude either!”

From the Book Nook:

“He sure doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”  – drunken customer speaking about Nobel Prize winner Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

“Those blacks still want us to feel guilty.”  – another customer commenting on President-elect Barack Obama


30 December 2008


“Fallbrook is the Midwest of the West.”  – Peter F.

“My neighborhood is a hotbed of cold fish.”  – Anon.


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